Electronic Health Records (EHR)

OACIS Clinical Information System

TELUS Health’s OACIS Clinical Information System provides a consolidated patient history leveraging existing health infrastructure in a way that gives clinicians access to the most timely, accurate data right at their fingertips.

OACIS streamlines workflow through a single, intuitive source where clinicians can access, document and analyze a patient’s profile to identify and address the most urgent needs. The flawless integration of data from existing systems increases efficiency and productivity to deliver better healthcare.

How it works

Today’s busy healthcare system pushes a huge volume of patients through an already strained system,and health providers are often left struggling to organize the accompanying data.

OACIS – which stands for Open Architecture Clinical Information System – uses a built-in connectivity engine to gather disparate patient data from across different systems and transport it into one central repository to provide a secure, clinician-friendly tool for documenting patient information and order-entry management.

OACIS key workflow enhancements include:

  • Clinical Viewer to streamline workflow: Immediately upon sign-in health providers see a dynamic patient list that uses visual cues to guide them toward the most urgent care situation.
  • Service-specific chronologies: By clicking on an item within the system, clinicians can drill down into a deeper level of granularity based on specific service areas to focus in on key care aspects.
  • Instant access to clinical data, such as comprehensive reports and images, are made available within the clinical viewer.
  • Configurable trending capabilities that use integrated details to display comprehensive graphs and trending views.
  • Patient summaries: Bringing together a myriad of data and organizing it into logical, actionable information, patient summaries offer clinicians a complete view of a patient’s condition, status, treatment plan, test results and more.
  • Patient-centric solution designed with clinicians’ workflow in mind
  • Web-based access resulting in anytime, anywhere connection
  • Consolidation of information from disparate sources facilitating accurate decisions, safer care and improved patient outcomes
  • Reduces instances of lost or duplicated data
  • Greater time-savings with all relevant patient data accessible through a single desktop window
  • Reduced training efforts through easy-to-use, clinician-designed interface
  • Improved communication across clinics and other acute-care organizations, delivering better service to patients
  • Built on open architecture, making it more flexible for a hospital or clinic’s needs
  • Fully customizable views that can be tailored to each health provider

To learn more about OACIS Clinical Information System please watch our videos or request a demo.

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