Physical Health Services

Supporting a happy, healthy and resilient workforce

Proactively support your teams with services that help promote wellbeing, build connections and elevate performance.

A woman is talking to a doctor about her blood pressure.

Virtual and in-person services

  • Cultivate a positive workplace culture

    Help identify and mitigate risk while creating a culture of wellbeing across your organisation with proactive, early interventions.

  • Encourage productivity

    Build connected, resilient, high-performing teams with tools and strategies that can empower them to take control of their wellbeing.

  • Promote healthy habits

    Help reduce absenteeism and promote employee wellbeing with services that support physical health and wellness.

Our services at a glance

Whether in person or virtually, we provide a range of services to fit your needs.
Woman consulting with a physician.

Preventive care

  • Health check

  • Skin check

  • Flu vaccination

Global-leading health and wellbeing provider

Our services and tools help support the health and wellbeing of organisations and their employees around the world.

Solutions tailored to meet your organisation’s needs

Depending on your organisation’s size and needs, we can personalise a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

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