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TELUS Health Student Support

Your partner in student wellbeing

Help your students navigate cultural, physical and mental health challenges as they pursue their higher education.

  • End-to-end wellbeing

    Focus on your students’ wellbeing with chat, phone, video and in-person counseling as well as virtual psychiatry and a peer support community.

  • Scale of support

    Our large global network of diverse counselors can offer students 24/7 real-time support in 5 languages and provide support in more than 150 languages by appointment.

  • Integrated approach

    Evaluate the reach and impact of the program with data and digital engagement metrics shared directly to your institution’s EMR.1

Complement and enhance your student wellbeing services

We work within the established framework at your institution to support student health at home, on campus or abroad.

  • Student-centered, anonymous peer support

    Millions of students around the world can help support each other as part of a global mental health community with world-class clinical safeguarding in place.

  • Diverse network

    To ensure a successful match, students may request a counselor who meets their needs, preferences and lived experiences (i.e. ethnicity, gender, faith, sexual orientation, and more).

  • Personalized virtual psychiatry

    With appointments in as little as 48 hours, students can receive a diagnosis, tailored treatment plan, and dedicated provider support throughout treatment from the comfort of their home.2

Make an impact

Global-leading health and wellbeing provider

Support the health and wellbeing of your students at home, on campus or abroad.

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Counselors and wellbeing support staff

Extend your services with trusted, reliable, and informed student support solutions that tie into your systems.

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Higher education leaders

Support student retention with tools to help keep them happy, healthy and focused on their educational journey.

Insurance providers and resellers

We collaborate to generate positive results. Together, we can meet your clients' needs and help institutions support their students.

Let’s work together

What sets our Student Support program apart

Students can connect to free, confidential emotional health and wellbeing support anytime with 24/7 access via the app, telephone and web.

  • Multilingual

    Support is available to students in more than 150 languages.3

  • Personalized support

    Full-spectrum clinical services meet students wherever they are on their mental health journey.

  • Wellbeing tools

    On-demand access to virtual fitness, as well as wellbeing content, articles and videos.

  • Worldwide support

    Access to clinicians and peers in more than 160 countries around the world.

A Student Support program that meets your needs

Connect your students to credentialed, masters-level counselors and board certified psychiatric providers. Talk to us about which of the following levels of care would support the specific challenges your students are facing.
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24/7 Phone Support

  • 24/7 crisis and real-time phone support

  • Staff and faculty clinical consultations 

  • Student case data report access1

  • Integration with existing resources for referrals to campus

  • Community resource referrals to off campus specialists

  • Engagement and utilization reports

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