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Workplace wellbeing made easy

We’re committed to building the healthiest workplaces on the planet, offering employers a range of scalable services and tools to help keep their teams healthy, happy and productive.

  • End-to-end wellbeing

    With virtual mental and physical care for employers and their employees, our focus is your wellbeing.

  • Mobile first wellbeing

    Encourage small daily improvements by providing your employees with a powerful set of wellness tools available anywhere, anytime.

  • Help attract and retain talent

    Foster a positive culture and build a strong value proposition to help recruit or retain talent by prioritising wellbeing.

How we support health and wellbeing

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    Mental health

    We help empower employers, employees and their families with high-quality, evidence-based mental health support.

    Mental health solutions
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    Physical health

    From helping your employees increase their physical activity to supporting nutrition goals, we offer scalable solutions to help keep your teams healthy, happy and productive.

    Physical health solutions
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    Help drive behavioural change, achieve organisational goals and foster a culture of learning with workplace training programs that can be tailored to your organisation.

    Training solutions

Make an impact

Global-leading health and wellbeing provider

Our services and tools help support the health and wellbeing of organisations and their employees around the world.

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HR and benefits managers

Help boost productivity and talent retention by prioritising employee wellbeing and a personalised experience. Support workforce resilience through direct healthcare access and promote preventive care with improved work-life balance.

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Business owners

Provide your employees with flexible, confidential access to healthcare for themselves and their immediate family members.

Partners and brokers

We collaborate to generate positive results. Together, we can meet your clients' needs and help organisations support their teams.

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