Compassionate care, anytime you need it

We believe that quality care benefits from a human connection. Our virtual healthcare solutions offer personalized support from compassionate clinicians 24/7 and across the country.

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Put employee wellbeing first

  • Accessible quality care, anytime

    Telemedicine is available 24/7 in all 50 states, helping to meet the need of today's employees for timely, confidential access to healthcare for themselves and their families—on their terms.

  • Save time and protect productivity

    23% of employees are not satisfied with the level of healthcare available to them. Telemedicine services are convenient and flexible, and can reduce wait times and the need for in-person appointments.1

  • Broad services

    Our telehealth services can be complemented by our EAP and Wellbeing platform solutions, so employees can receive broader wellbeing support in the way that is most convenient for them.

  • Improve access to healthcare

    32% of employees stay at their organization because of the health and wellbeing benefits and services offered. Anytime access to care can also empower employees to be more proactive about their health.2

How we help

We offer a personalized approach to care, delivered by a strong network of healthcare professionals. In addition to consultations and diagnosis, our healthcare professionals can also help with:

  • Prescriptions3

  • Referrals to specialists

  • Mental Health concerns

  • Diagnosis

  • Lab work and imaging requests

  • Medical advice

More great reasons to enroll

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Countrywide care and assistance

Employees and their families can connect to a care team for triage, treatment and prescriptions, anywhere in the country.

Global-leading health and wellbeing provider

Support the health and wellbeing of your organization and employees around the world with our suite of services and tools.

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Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size and needs, we can personalise a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

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