TELUS Health Absence and Disability Management

Disability and leave of absence support for employers and their employees

We support employers with end-to-end administrative case management services and work with employees to help them get back to work quickly and safely.

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Positive outcomes for you and your employees

  • Thorough assessments

    We focus on a sustainable return to work while providing a comprehensive assessment and support.

  • Experienced professionals

    Expedite the return to work process for employees with the help of our team of professionals and medical experts.

  • Data and trends

    Real time, on-demand and personalized reporting.

Complete support for employees

Comprehensive support and return to work programs that are focused on their individual needs.

  • Mental health support

    Innovative mental health programs that address the barriers to timely treatment and sustainable recovery.

  • Collaborative approach

    We collaborate with employers and employees to help remove barriers that prevent employees from a timely return to work.

  • Specialist network

    In some circumstances, we can expedite their access to specialists to review their medical situation, and arrange treatment.

Here's how it works

We have the flexibility to support a wide range of disability-related absences, from short-term to complex. We look at each case individually and develop a customized plan of action.

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  • Automated notification and case initiation

    We offer a simple, easy-to-use, notification system that’s available 24/7. Online submissions can be completed by the employee or the employer.

  • Initial assessment

    During an initial telephonic assessment with a case manager, we establish a return to work date and gather information for a holistic case management plan.

  • Claim validation

    We conduct a detailed review of all information to determine the employee’s abilities, type of workplace accommodation, benefits eligibility, and timelines for return to work.

  • Recovery support

    Our network of quality healthcare providers, specialized assessors, and medical clinics play a critical role in supporting an employee’s recovery and return to work.

  • Return to work planning and coordination

    We work closely with you and your employees to support safe, timely, meaningful, and sustainable return to work.

Enhance your absence and disability management experience

Talk to us about adding specialized case management support and claims management services to complement your support needs.
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Case management

End-to-end disability claims management services that can be delivered as standalone programs or integrated into a broader health management framework. Our approach benefits both the employee and employer stakeholders by simplifying and streamlining access to recovery support programs and interventions and by improving program delivery.

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Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size and needs, we can personalise a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

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