Effective tools to build resilience

TELUS Health CBT is a short-term therapeutic approach that provides employees with convenient, self-serve digital tools to help improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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Why choose CBT for your organization?

  • Economically minded

    Compared to traditional in-person therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy is less cost prohibitive and helps to reduce mental health related absences.1

  • Accessible mental healthcare

    Self-paced, fully supervised therapy models help to facilitate access to treatment.

  • Clinically validated

    Up to 90% of patients show long-term symptom improvements using CBT.1

Supporting the wellbeing of your teams

  • Accessible

    Available anytime, anywhere on a phone or computer, and through text, phone, and video chat.

  • Comprehensive

    Access to a range of guided digital education, videos, assignments and challenges to help reduce symptoms, understand triggers and develop coping strategies.

  • Confidential

    All data is kept safely and adheres to privacy and security regulations.

How it works

Help employees develop resilience at their own pace, beginning with an initial clinical assessment and consultation with one of our dedicated therapists, and including structured modules and scheduled check-ins.

  • Guided by professionals

    Employees receive feedback from a licensed therapist as they progress through their journey.

  • Designed with employees in mind

    Our modules are visually stimulating, easy to navigate and personalized to meet employees’ needs.

  • Variety of programs

    We offer various programs to support employees through change and challenging situations.

  • A network of therapists ready to help

    Our trained professionals can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, OCD, insomnia and more.

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