TELUS Health Case Management Software

A comprehensive absence and disability management solution

Our software is an end-to-end absence and disability management solution that can help improve program outcomes, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and support stakeholders every step of the way.

Integrated absence and disability management software

  • Intuitive user experience

    Over time, our platform has been improved and optimized for all stakeholders across your organization.

  • Effective and efficient

    Navigation for health management helps ensure the right support at the right time, which can help reduce administrative efforts, support cost reduction and provide a positive experience for users.

  • Safe and configurable

    Complete transparency, access and automation of data and analytics makes evaluation and strategy easy.

What sets our software apart?

With our Case Management Software, organizations have on-demand, real-time access to claim related data, status and statistics.

  • Capacity to:

    Intake online claim referrals, accept a demographic feed upload, provide detailed claims status reporting (on an individual and aggregate basis) and export claims through the portal.

  • Flexibility to sort and report on data by:

    Claim type, organization, branch/division/group, disease category, age group, gender and duration.

Three tools to manage absence and disability

Our software is made up of three modules that can be implemented individually or simultaneously.

Case Management

Your all-in-one portal

Our people leader and plan-sponsor portal offers a single, central source for up to the minute information on all absences with access to real-time aggregate reporting and trending.

Global-leading health and wellbeing provider

Support the health and wellbeing of your organization and employees around the world with our suite of services and tools.

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Depending on your organization’s size and needs, we can personalise a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

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